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Time Trials

Time Trials....2014 Season starts on Thursday 10 April

From April to September the club runs a series of time trials on each Thursday. These are based on the ten mile distance with (usually) three twenty five mile distance events on the last Thursday of May, June and July.

For 2014 there will be a points competition with Medals for the winners. details of the rules available here. The revised course is shown on the detailed page below - the turn into Doles Lane is eliminated from the course.

Riders will be required to NOT STAND at the finish to eliminate congetion and danger - there will be a "finish position" further along the road where riders can gather.

Rides are open to all comers but under 18's must have Parental consent. The required form can be downloaded from here, or get a copy at the Club.

Details of the course, times, sign on locations etc can be found here

Affiliation to Sporting Courses for 2014

Not all time-trials are about tearing up and down the flattest, fastest course on the calmest day one could hope for. There are a range of classic Open events such as The Circuit of the Dales, Circuit of Pendle, Circuit of Ingleborough and a whole host of other technically demanding courses on ragged roads where the end results are determined more by placings than times. Pete Leonard and me are keen on the points competition embedded in these open events, and we're now signed up as club to score points in the 'SPOCO' if you want to enter. More details are in the following link, and listings and entry details are in the CTT handbook. Or ask me Richard Cary) if you'd like to know more. SportingCourses Link

Un-Attached Riders

We can only allow Unattached riders to ride the 10s (not 25s), and only twice as an unattached rider. There are insurance issues.


Time Trials - New Standards in Force for 2012

Southport CC will be using the new standard times - See here for more details

Posted 11/03/2012