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Audax Reports
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Allan Taylor rides Three Steps to Severn 19 July

Allan Taylor takes on Fleet Moss 18th May

Audax Members Good Friday



Mark Loses his Cherry 20 October

Audax and Club ride to the Tour of Britain 10th and 12th September

Audax Ride on Friday 15th 8th June

"The Audaxers who came in from the Cold"
- a 300K epic. 14 April


PBP -Paris Brest Paris - Three Southport Riders completed the event 25 August

Neill Thompson does LEJoG - June 11

Mons Chimay Mons trip 1st May

Tour of Flanders - 9 April - Not an Audax but a hard ride

Chirk - 27 March - Six Southport Riders - A Grand Day Out

North West Passage - 20 February
It only snowed once

A Mere 200 - 23_01_11


Audax Report 2010

Winter Solstice - A Long Day Out 19 December

Eureka - 14 November -Not such a Good Idea for the Audax men

Lakeland 400 - Damon Rides Southport Permanent


Audax Report for 2009

Mons Chimay Mons - 1st May


Audax Report for 2008